Over the last two decades, Darlene Trew Crist has evolved her communications business to focus on helping scientists to effectively communicate. This has allowed her the opportunity to fuel her curiosity and passion about all things science, while providing a real, tangible, and much needed service to scientists, who are mostly more interested in data and results than finding the right word choice or platform from which to share their science. Working with many communication specialists, Darlene offers the flexibility to design a communications team to meet unique needs, including design work and media outreach.  

Darlene has been fortunate to have taken on big, long-term assignments such as with the decadal science programs of the Census of Marine Life and now the Deep Carbon Observatory, offering unprecedented opportunity to work with scientists and institutions around the globe. 

Darlene Trew Crist
Founder and Principal

Darlene's communications work has been recognized with awards from the American Academy for the Advancement of Science, National Health Information Association, Healthcare Marketing Report, National Association of Community Counseling Centers, and the Publicity Club of Boston with a Bellringer Award and four merit commendations. She has written three booksedited three others, and has numerous other publications and visual products to her credit. 

Media Outreach 

Darlene practices a philosophy of getting the right person for the job.  She has working relationships with a number of talented photographers, each with a different style, making it easy to select a specific style for every project. Some of the photographers with whom she works include Greta Rybus, Mike Cohea, and Bob Mitchell, to name a few.


Good design is key to every project undertaken. That's why Darlene works with exceptional designers. Among them are  Jessica SimmonsJosh Wood, and Lianne Dunn.

Science stories have to compete with lots of other news. Darlene works with outreach professionals like Terry Collins and Juliet Heller to help make sure stories stand out from all the media clutter. 

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